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November 13, 2008
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Ginny Weasley and Luna Lovegood sat by the Great Lake at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry letting the wind gently blow against them and the sun shine down on them.

Ginny opened her mouth then closed it, she really wanted to ask Luna something, but she wasn’t sure how the blonde girl would respond. Taking a deep breath, she decided to just get it over with.

“Luna, when you were tied up, how did it feel, did you enjoy it or did you hate it”? She asked curiously.

Luna shrugged, “I enjoyed it, I always do, being restrained like that, it’s exciting, why”?

Ginny sighed, “because when Romilda tied me up in that classroom, I was terrified, but I kind of enjoyed as well”.

“Enjoying being tied up isn’t a bad thing, lots of people enjoy it”, Luna said seriously.

“Well, I also just remembered, you still have to tie me up as payback for the forest, remember”?

Luna shrugged, “I was just waiting for you to mention it”.

Ginny’s cheeks took on a light blush, “well do you think, you know, that I could repay that debt now”.

“You want me to tie you up now”? Luna asked.

Ginny nodded shyly, her cheeks still slightly rosy.

Luna tapped her chin thoughtfully, “well to be fair it has to be in a public place, how about in the Gryffindor common room during the Ravenclaw – Hufflepuff Quidditch match”?

Ginny’s eyes widened, “well I guess it is a public place”, she conceded, “so shall we do this now”?

Luna’s response was to jump up, grab her arm and pull her across the grounds and into the castle. After about ten minutes, the two women reached the Gryffindor Common Room. Upon entering, neither were surprised to find the room was empty, everyone was down at the Quidditch match. Luna led Ginny over to the carpet in front of the fire before turning to her friend, “strip down to your underwear and place your uniform over the chair”, she said pointing to one of the armchairs.

Sighing in resignation, Ginny unbuttoned her school shirt and threw it over one the armchairs. Next she pulled down her skirt and threw it over her shirt. Sliding off her shoes and socks, she placed them next to the chair before she turned back to Luna.

“Now what”?

Luna took a moment to admire Ginny’s underwear clad form. The red head was wearing a light pink bra and matching light pink panties which hugged her slender frame perfectly.

Luna grinned, “now sit and the carpet, cross your legs and place your arms in two L-shapes behind your back”.

Ginny nodded and slowly sat down, crossed her legs and moved her arms into the specified position, “like this”?

The blonde haired woman patted her on the head, “good girl”.

Knowing Ginny could take that as an insult, Luna didn’t waste anytime, crouching down behind Ginny, she whipped out her wand and conjured thick ropes which wound themselves tightly around Ginny’s wrist and elbows. Which another piece of rope which she wound around Ginny’s upper arms before looping above and below the red heads breasts, she pinned Ginny’s arms to her back.

“There, nice and tight, now for your legs”.

As Luna stepped in front of her, Ginny gave the binds a few tugs, they were quite tight.

The blonde haired girl crouched down in front of her and Ginny’s eyes widened as her feet were pulled into an Indian style position, her feet resting on opposite knees.

“What are you doing”? Ginny asked curiously as Luna conjured more thick rope and bound her ankles, knees and calves tightly.

Luna smiled her friend, “making sure you can’t walk, it’s a good thing you’re flexible or that would really hurt”.

Ginny shuffled slightly, “it doesn’t feel too bad actually”.

Luna smiled, “good, now close your eyes and open your mouth”, Ginny’s captor ordered.

Ginny hesitated for a few seconds before complying.

Luna reached into her bag and pulled out a pair of long socks, ‘just because I enjoy bondage, doesn’t mean I can’t be nasty about the gags’, she thought evilly as she scrunched one up into a ball.

The blonde giggled and slid the scrunched up sock into Ginny’s mouth. As she did, the red head’s eyes flew open. Luna quickly used the second sock to cleave gag her friend before she could spit the first one out.

“MMMNN MMMN MMPPFFHH MMPPHH”, Ginny yelled into the sock gag, what the hell was Luna doing?

“Don’t worry, they’re clean”, Luna said with a smile, “I got them out of my trunk this morning”.

Ginny glared at her for a few seconds, she couldn’t believe that her friend had gagged her with socks, at least they were clean.

“I always keep a clean pair of socks in my bag, guess I finally know why”.

Luna smirked, “and now for one last thing”, she said mischievously as she slowly traced her fingers across the bound girl’s feet causing Ginny to giggle behind her gag. After about ten seconds, Luna upped the tempo and began moving her fingers faster over Ginny’s bare soles. Ginny’s chest heaved with laughter and she began wriggling futilely on the floor, her muffled laughter echoing throughout the common room.  

“Mmmpph, mmpphh mmpphh”.

After a few minutes, satisfied that Ginny had been tickled enough, Luna straightened up and picked up her bag, “well, I’m sure you know what happens now”.

Ginny nodded, Luna was going to leave her here for a while. Aside from the obvious, she was in a bit of a predicament, the tickling had left her out of breath and any deep breaths that she took resulted in her inhaling the stench of sock from both the cloth in her mouth and the one that held in securely in place.

Luna smiled, “good, now I’ll be back in a while, don’t go anywhere”.

Ginny rolled her eyes as Luna ruffled her hair before walking past her. A few seconds later Ginny heard the tell-tale ‘thump’ of the portrait hole closing.

As Ginny sat on the carpet, she wriggled slightly in her bonds, they were pretty tight. Even if she did manage to find a way out, she wouldn’t, she would wait for Luna to return and untie her, even though Luna had broken out of her binds when she had been tied up in the Forbidden Forest.

After about half an hour, her wriggling became more pronounced.

“Mmnph”, she groaned softly into the sock gag.

Her legs were starting to hurt from being held in their Indian position for so long and the sock in her mouth was now a mixture of both damp and dry making it taste even worse than when it had first been placed in. Her arms were also starting to feel a bit stiff from being bound in the two L-shapes.


Ginny looked around, ‘what was that’?

It took her a few seconds to realize that it was the sound of the portrait hole closing. Ginny tensed, had someone walked past and not seen her? Or was someone coming in.

She got her answer as she heard footsteps approaching her, ‘it must be Luna’.

However, she froze and a horrible chill ran down her spine the person walked in front of her, stopped and stared down at her. It was a girl, but it wasn’t Luna, it was someone who Ginny defiantly did not to be found by.

The girl smirked triumphantly, “well, well, well, look what I found, Ginny Weasley all tied up and now at my mercy. And guess what, its payback time”.

Later that day, Luna found a blindfolded Ginny bound to the middle Quidditch post down at the Quidditch pitch. She was still gagged with the blonde haired girl’s socks and she was still in her underwear. What surprised Luna was the position that Ginny had been tied in.

Her arms were bound up over her head, with ropes tied around the post, securing her. Anchor ropes around her chest and stomach lashed her to the post, but there was also a crotchrope tied off to the post as well... this one pulling tight against her as gravity pulled her down. Her legs had been bent up behind her and her calves were tied together. Her ankles were also bound together, then to the pole, kind of as if she was hogtied around the post.

All her weight was on her wrists, ankles and crotchrope.

One thought ran through Luna’s head, ‘that looks like fun’.
This story is a request for inside warrior.

His request was Luna taking Ginny up on her offer to tie her up. Two things that were requested were Luna tickling Ginny and Ginny being gagged with Luna’s socks. The twist at the end about Ginny being found by another girl was also his idea. I just decided on what happened to Ginny.

As for who did it, that might be expanded on in the far future.

But feel free to guess and congratulations if you get it right.

Also thank you to aidenke [link] for his help on the position that Ginny ended up in at the end.

I apologies for the delay, but I finally got it done.

So until next time.
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stretch425 Featured By Owner Edited Sep 8, 2014
I am willing to et Hermione had gotten revenge on Ginny.
natty202 Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2011
is there any pics of the two positions
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At the moment, I'm done with this series but I might return to it at a later date, no promises though
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JakTheRenegade Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2009  Hobbyist Writer
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ThePhoenixKing Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2009
Interesting little story. I have my own ideas about who tied up Ginny, and from what I recall from your previous stories, I can't say I entirely blame her. Regardless, good work here. Loved the descriptions of the ropework and Luna's character was well-written with her own unique voice. Some spelling and grammer errors, but nothing too bad, and certainly nothing that a good beta shouldn't be able to fix. Overall, good job.
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